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Affordable Discount Plans That will Make you smile

 No Dental Insurance? No Problem! 

The Wellness Dental Plan has you covered! 

Benefits of Wellness Dental Plan:

• One basic cleanings per calendar year at NO EXTRA CHARGE

• Save 20% on dental procedures including x-rays, emergency exams, and dental work such as fillings, root canals, and crowns

• No waiting period. Benefits can be used immediately 

• 6 locations in New Hampshire

• The program is not an insurance plan, so there are no claim forms to worry about!                                               

Take advantage of our discount program so you can make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape.Call us today at 603-865-1488 or use the form on ths page for more information.

We would Love to see you smile!!

Eligibility Memberships are offered to individuals, families and families with children without dental insurance, CHILDREN WHO ARE BENEFICIARIES OF ANY FEDERAL OR STATE HEALTH CARE PROGRAM ARE PROHIBITED FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE DENTAL WELLNESS PROGRAM.


Nashua, NH

Raymond, NH

Weare, NH

Tilton, NH

Membership Fees*

• $125 per year for individual coverage 

• $150 per year for a married couple 

• $200 per year for family with two children

• $100 additional per year per child

*Valid till Decemeber 31st 2016

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 No Dental Insurance? No Problem! 

The Wellness Dental Plan has you covered! 

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